segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2007


Tantas coisas sonhei para mim,
Tanta vida, tanto amor, tanta cor...
Me restou apenas dor.
Tantas coisas eu busquei,
Amor, felicidade, colorido...
Me restou apenas solidão.
Tantas coisas eu quis dizer,
Tantas coisas eu quis fazer,
A coragem me faltou...
Quis me entregar, desistir,
Não consegui...
Esperança me restou...

giovana mendhes.¸.•*ੴ

I Wish I Was
Cara Dillon

I wish I was in heaven high,
For night and day I just wait and cry,
And from my arms he flew one night,
To where I cannot find.

I wish I had the wings to fly,
For in this world he left no sign,
But maybe someday he'll bring me back,
To where I cannot find.

Had I the heart to tell him then,
He might have stayed until the end,
But maybe someday we'll meet again,
In where I cannot find.

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